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On 8/5/07, Kacper Wysocki <kacperw at> wrote:
> On 8/5/07, Dana Jansens <danakj at> wrote:
> > Openbox 3.4.4 is ready for action.
> Excellent! I quickly tried out the new window-switching dialog,
> grow-to-edge-shrinking and focus prevention, and in my excitement I
> redid my rc.xml file. I'll post it here in case anyone's interested.
> The config includes all the coolness I've been able to think of and
> find that's possible with openbox:
>  * focus follows mouse essentials
>  * never raise a window unless explicitly asked to
>  * Ctrl-Alt-A raises/lowers window - I use this key combo *a lot*
>  * some execute actions - ctrl-alt-T for aterm, etc
>  * window resize/move with Win+arrows and Alt+arrows
> What makes this config interesting is I've included Clay's awesome
> numeric pad window movement bindings from
> as well as the irssi-style window raise from
> (you'll need
> the irssi-focus program from that page)
> Being able to use the GUI perfectly with the keyboard is fantastic.
> The config also works fine with focus-follows-mouse disabled, for
> those who are creeped out by that.
> If there's any particular openbox config setup that makes *your* day
> easier I'd love to see it.
> Planned:
>  chrooting/chaining Clay's bindings so you can go into a "manage mah
> windows" chroot.

Since last night I discovered that some of the bindings in Clay's
setup needed updating -
MoveToEdgeNorthWest, ResizeRelativeHoriz and similar actions have been
Here's a new config file with the necessary changes.

Now to figure out why I'm missing KP_Decimal...


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