an alternative to underMouse, was: Re: [openbox] MoveToEdge loses focus in 3.4.4

Andrei Paskevich andrei at
Sun Aug 5 08:32:29 EDT 2007

On Sun, 05 Aug 2007 at 14:42:31 (+0300), Andrei Paskevich wrote:
> > This is what the underMouse option is for, turn it off.
> Please, Michael, I know that you don't like this poor option, but
> in 3.4.2 it worked all right. I could change the focus by lowering
> and raising windows (by _not_ adding the Focus action) and keep
> windows focused when moving (as shown above). 

OTOH, I could manage without the underMouse option, if there was 
an action FocusUnderMouse, which would just give the focus 
to the window which is currently under the pointer.

Then my config would be:


  <keybind key="C-A-Home">  
      <action name="MoveToEdgeNorth"/>
      <action name="MoveToEdgeWest"/>
      <!-- keeps focus -->

  <keybind key="C-A-Down">
    <action name="Lower"/>
    <action name="FocusUnderMouse"/>   
    <!-- refocuses but keeps focus if still under the pointer -->

With Unfocus and FocusToBottom, I can't achieve this.

Still, the option underMouse could be useful, to give focus 
to the windows which self-raise under the pointer. I'm not 
sure whether somebody might want it, though.

Best regards,

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