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share at id.ru share at id.ru
Sun Apr 22 16:20:32 EDT 2007

On Sat, 21 Apr 2007 20:41:45 -0400
  "Dana Jansens" <danakj at orodu.net> wrote:
> As of now, you don't need to patch to remove menu 
>titles. Menu titles
> have been removed and instead you can give a separator a 
>label, and it
> will appear like a title, only it can be anywhere in the 
>menu you want
> it. If you don't want a title just don't include any 
>labeled separator
> in your menu.
> Dana

Thanx for reply!

So, as i understand, i just have to edit my 
.config/openbox/menu.xml to remove menu header? I've been 
tried, but have no results. Maybe you can show me a part 
of your menu.xml?

here is a shot of ob menu, how do i want it to see 
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