[openbox] resize maximized windows

Tanjeff-N. Moos tanjeff at not-another-server.net
Thu Apr 12 02:56:51 EDT 2007

On Wed, 11 Apr 2007 13:40:00 -0600
Matthew Fitzgibbons <elessar at nienna.org> wrote:

> For moving a window to another desktop, you can use Ctrl+Alt + scroll
> on the title bar... or other things you define in rc.xml. Is a
> different way to accomplish the same thing (dragging) really
> necessary? I can understand dragging a maximized window to a
> different head, but dragging to a different desktop seems overkill.
Yes, of course it would be one more way to accomplish a task that one
can do otherwise. I know this feature from other WMs (fluxbox, wmaker,
beryl) and did it that way there, so I missed this feature in OB3
initially, but in fact it is even more useful/quicker to define some
shortcuts to send windows to other desktops (e.g. W-A-F5 to send it to
Desktop 5). Nevertheless it might be a feature wanted by some people
and it could be customizable :)

I agree that other features are far more important, so don't think
about this too much ;-)


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