[openbox] resize maximized windows

Matthew Fitzgibbons elessar at nienna.org
Wed Apr 11 15:40:00 EDT 2007

Tanjeff-N. Moos wrote:
> On Wed, 11 Apr 2007 19:48:31 +0200
> Martin Lucina <mato at kotelna.sk> wrote:
>> With a multi-head setup, a maximimzed window will cover only one head.
>> It's sometimes easier to maximize an app, then go and resize it.
>> Being able to move it (to the other head(s)) just by dragging would
>> also be useful.
> This is not only for multihead-setups useful. I'm used to drag my
> Windows to the next Desktop just by moving them (maximized ones as well
> as non-maximized ones). For multihead it would be extremely useful when
> a maximized window is resized to fit the other screen after dragging
> it. So does Metacity, for example. Usually the dock is only on one of
> the screens, leading to different sizes for maximized windows. In
> addition one may have Monitors of different size (and thus resolutions).
> Unfortunately I have no time to code that :( Maybe someone need it so
> he is motivated to do this? ;-)
> Tanjeff

For moving a window to another desktop, you can use Ctrl+Alt + scroll on 
the title bar... or other things you define in rc.xml. Is a different 
way to accomplish the same thing (dragging) really necessary? I can 
understand dragging a maximized window to a different head, but dragging 
to a different desktop seems overkill.


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