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If you use a panel e.g. I use pypanel you can have icons in the panel

The globe icon in the top left is for firefox, but you can add as many as
you want and position them wherever you wish in the bar.



On 27/05/06, David Courtney <blixel at gmail.com> wrote:
> > > Well, if you want a really easy-to-use desktop, why don't you try
> > > Nautilus or Rox?
> >
> > As I understand it, Nautilus draws the desktop in such a way that you
> > can't get to the Openbox menu by clicking on the desktop. This may or
> > may not matter to Mike Obrien, of course, since he wants icons on his
> > desktop. If he still wants to get to his menu, he might be better off
> > with Rox. I had thought that iDesk was a dead project, to be honest.
> >
> My "desktop" is always covered with windows.  So I don't find having
> icons on the root window to be all that useful myself.  But if you
> just want something like quick launch access to your programs, I think
> having wmdrawer in your dock is really good for that.
> http://people.easter-eggs.org/~valos/wmdrawer
> The drawer slides out in any direction you choose.  (Up, down, left,
> or right.)  Aesthetically pleasing (in my opinion.)  Very
> configurable.  You can have 1 row of say 5 or 6 icons, 2 rows of 10 ,
> 3 rows of 15, etc...  Run multiple instances of wmdrawer to have more
> than one drawer.

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