layering issue with openbox+ROX

Lucas Hazel lucas at
Fri May 26 00:53:47 EDT 2006

I am encountering a bug when using openbox in conjuntion with ROX.

For those that are not familiar with ROX, the panel's default behaviour is to be placed on the lower layer unless you hover the mouse near the border of the screen upon which it will be raised.

I also should note that the bug only occurs if both the pinboard and a panel are being used.

Now for the bug. Unless the panel has been raised any filer window that is opened will be automatically placed on the bottom layer aswell as filer windows opened from the pinboard. Another most likely related bug is that dialog windows created will raise and drop layers when their focus is changed (this is quite annoying with sloppy focus).

I tried some alternative window managers (OrorboROX, blackbox, metacity) and the behaviour does not occur.

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