[openbox] FAQ No. 4: can we talk?

Nagy Mate k-zed at hactar.net
Tue Mar 28 01:51:46 EST 2006

> What I can't deal with is editing a file in emacs, rolling it up,
> typing into another window ... thereby corrupting the file I was editing
> in emacs because focus remained in the emacs window.  "Hello.  Didn't I
> just tell you to roll up?  In fact, I saw you roll up.  Why are you
> continuing to accept keystrokes?"
> How can you possibly consider such behaviour "a feature?"  At the very
> least, *lose* focus forcing me to click on something, or make such
> detestable behaviour a user configurable option.
 it's a feature. in fact, there's another feature: rc.xml, in which this
problem is fixable (and i did it). it's easy too.

we discovered a new way to think.
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