FAQ No. 4: can we talk?

s. keeling keeling at spots.ab.ca
Mon Mar 27 15:50:45 EST 2006

I imagine this may be an old and painful subject.  Sorry.

4. When I lower, raise or move windows with a keybinding, focus
   doesn't follow the mouse!

   This is a feature, how large is the chance that the mouse
   accidentally enters a window you want to focus when you move or
   lower/raise something?

What does that explanation have to do with anything?  Surely you
understand what "focus follows mouse" means.  I do, which is why I
selected to use it.  I assume that a window rolled up will give focus
to whatever window was immediately under it.  I can easily deal with

What I can't deal with is editing a file in emacs, rolling it up,
typing into another window ... thereby corrupting the file I was editing
in emacs because focus remained in the emacs window.  "Hello.  Didn't I
just tell you to roll up?  In fact, I saw you roll up.  Why are you
continuing to accept keystrokes?"

How can you possibly consider such behaviour "a feature?"  At the very
least, *lose* focus forcing me to click on something, or make such
detestable behaviour a user configurable option.

Sorry for any ruffled feathers I've caused with this; no insult
intended.  This just strikes me as bizarre and potentially dangerous
behaviour.  Now that I know it's there, I can deal with it.  Newcomers
to OpenBox will wonder for days why everytime they return to an old
buffer, there's gibberish characters right before their cursor.

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