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doukas at doukas at
Fri Mar 17 16:46:31 EST 2006

Hiz list!!

I seem to have a problem with my ob3 fonts and i cannot find a solution!!

The problem is that if i try to enable font shadows (shadow=y) in the font
section of the themerc file of a theme ob3 cannot find the fonts. The exact
message i get is "ObRender-WARNING: unable to load font .... Trying fallback font"

To make myself more clear if for example i have in my themerc file smt like:

" bistream vera sans:bold:pixelsize=10"

then everything is alrigth (except that i dont have shadows :) )

If i try smth like that:

" bistream vera sans:bold:pixelsize=10:shadow=y"

then ob3 seems to not be able to load the fonts.

For ur information i am using the modullar xorg-7.0r1 and i am starting to
thinking that the problem has smth to do with that, cause i ve used ob3 in the
past with xorg-6.8 and i hadn't any problem at all!!

If anyone has any clue i would be gladfull :) !!

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