[openbox] 64-bit problems, new release?

Martin Lucina mato at kotelna.sk
Fri Mar 17 04:50:11 EST 2006

pierre-yves at spootnik.org wrote:

> I have several reproducable errors but would like to trigger one outside of
> a signal handler to get the full execution path.
> Basically any app that sets atoms either crashes openbox or doesn't show up
> (most noticeable are firefox and thunderbird which fail to show).

Well I have no problems with the latest CVS.  It "just works".

> Btw, works like a charm on OpenBSD/i386 too bad I don't have my sparc64 at
> hand to test.

If you're using sparc64 it's possible there may be some endianness
issues somewhere that aren't showing up on adm64?

> It'd be interesting if someone could link openbox to something like efence
> on linux/amd64 and see if the same crashes occur.

I can try running it under valgrind for instance, but I'm not getting
any crashes... give me an example of how to reproducibly crash it and
I'll try.


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