[openbox] 64-bit problems, new release?

pierre-yves at spootnik.org pierre-yves at spootnik.org
Fri Mar 17 03:33:42 EST 2006

> Hi,
> I've been wondering ever since I got myself an AMD64 workstation why my
> Tasklist was not working with Openbox.  Yesterday I was playing with
> devilspie and found that wasn't working either, so I did some digging
> and found debian bug #344076, which says that this is fixed in Openbox
> CVS.
> Have downloaded the latest CVS and built myself a Debian package from it
> and yay, everything works.
> Just wondering if we shouldn't get a new release out with these fixes,
> since they would affect anyone running OB on 64-bit platforms?
> -mato

There's a lot more 64-bit issues in openbox actually, I'm tracking them
down on OpenBSD/amd64 which to say the least exposes these issues !
Openbox is plain unusable on this particular architecture. It seems to be
related to XChangeProperty XGetWindowProperty and type signedness/size,
but so far I've had no luck in getting it to work the right way.

Since 2 releases the default malloc in OpenBSD is extremely conservative and
triggers a lot of bugs so i think its related.

I have several reproducable errors but would like to trigger one outside of
a signal handler to get the full execution path.
Basically any app that sets atoms either crashes openbox or doesn't show up
(most noticeable are firefox and thunderbird which fail to show).

I hope david is listening and can provide with some pointers as where to
look for (life's a little less good at work with xfwm4 ;) )
Btw, works like a charm on OpenBSD/i386 too bad I don't have my sparc64 at
hand to test.

It'd be interesting if someone could link openbox to something like efence
on linux/amd64 and see if the same crashes occur.

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