Busy cursor problem with Openbox using Konqueror file manager

prosolutions at gmx.net prosolutions at gmx.net
Fri Jan 13 17:56:40 EST 2006

When opening an application using the Konqueror file manager by clicking
on a file - such as an .avi file - Konqueror either displays a busy
cursor while the associated application loads or doesn't display one -
depending upon the advanced settings dialog for each associated
application under the "Edit file type" dialog.  Even when busy cursor is
disabled, Openbox incorrectly displays the busy cursor - always for a
period of 30 seconds after the application is launched - regardless of
the fact that the application may have only taken a few seconds to
actyally load.  

I can verify that this unwanted busy cursor does not occur under Gnome, IceWM, nor KDE.

Is there some hack where I could perhaps comment out some lines in the
Openbox source to just totally disable the busy cursor?  Or would it be
possible to fix this bug?

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