[openbox] Ob4

David Courtney blixel at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 13:54:36 EST 2006

> I like very much OpenBox, and I use it in nativ, without gnome or kde
> stuff. I like its speed, and its mouse-wheel desk change :) (very cool).
> So, what can we add to openbox?

I'd vote for some kind of dock configuration utility that would allow
a person to define the shape of their dock and assign dock apps to a
given location.

I run several 64x64 pixel dock apps, but I also have a couple of dock
apps that aren't 64x64.  It would be really useful if I could have
two, possibly three columns that were about half the height of the
screen so I could lay my dock apps out a certain way.

Plus the ability to "lock" dock apps in a given location on the dock
so they will remain in the same place between restarts.  (Without
having to use "sleep 1" between each dock app in the ~/.xinitrc)

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