[openbox] wishlist

Dirk Jagdmann doj at cubic.org
Mon Sep 12 04:30:41 EDT 2005

> no, i mean someting else. you talk about desktop switching, i mean
> moving individual application windows on ONE desktop left, right, up and
> down. evilwm moves it just by few pixels(16), or top-left, top-right, 
> bottom-left or bottom-right of screen.

My config has this:

   <keybind key="C-A-Left">
     <action name="MoveRelativeHorz"><delta>-64</delta></action>
   <keybind key="C-A-Right">
     <action name="MoveRelativeHorz"><delta>+64</delta></action>
   <keybind key="C-A-Up">
     <action name="MoveRelativeVert"><delta>-64</delta></action>
   <keybind key="C-A-Down">
     <action name="MoveRelativeVert"><delta>+64</delta></action>

   <keybind key="S-A-Left">
     <action name="SendToDesktopLeft"><wrap>no</wrap></action>
   <keybind key="S-A-Right">
     <action name="SendToDesktopRight"><wrap>no</wrap></action>
   <keybind key="S-A-Up">
     <action name="SendToDesktopUp"><wrap>no</wrap></action>
   <keybind key="S-A-Down">
     <action name="SendToDesktopDown"><wrap>no</wrap></action>

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