menu colors.

Orekhov-AV orekhov-av at
Wed Nov 16 10:53:42 EST 2005


In openbox people can write programms to generate pipe-menus.

I think, that colorizing text in menu like this example:

<item label="Some text (#ffffff some description#off)">
	- #ffffff - color for text below
	- #off - switch text color to current theme

is the good idea for this menus (for example, for directory listings (directories - one color, regular files - another color)).

Well, directories have submenus, but color difference between directories and regullar files, IMHO, more simple for human :)
(like in audio jacks - green for audio output, ...)

Another motivation for this feature can be highlighting some special items in menu (like item "Another 20 items" in large menus)

Well, for implementing colorized pipe-menus, developers must have some functions in openbox API:
	- for determining background/text color of menu item in current theme (for produce correct colorization - not black
	text on black background)
	- for determining menu item height (for calculate number of items in menu, and produce correct partition of large

Well, sorry for my english, but for all that, i hope that my ideas was understandable and interesting.

	with many thanks for your attention.

P.S. Very sorry for my english. :(

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