[openbox] OB very slow to open over GNOME

Richard Witt rich at bowforiamroot.net
Thu Jun 16 00:24:32 EDT 2005

* Holly Bostick <motub at planet.nl> [2005-06-15 17:25]:
> > 
> > Whoops i didnt quite phrase this right at all. My main ideas was is why
> > run gnome at all why not jsut use
> > openbox by itself. For instance i use openbox by itself with pypanel and
> > thats about it.
> > - --
> > LostSon
> > 
> Well, in my case, that's what I just switched from doing, and what I
> would say I "normally" do (if anyone cared to ask). What's different
> about this system (new Gentoo install after I broke my last one) is that
> I'm using the tray a *lot*. Tray applets (mail notification or gnubiff,
> kwikdisk), apps that minimize to tray (azureus sometimes, krusader) and
> I've been experimenting with alltray for everything else. Pypanel is not
> handling this well at all. Maybe it's that pypanel's tray implementation
> is not robust, maybe it's a bug; I can't tell. fbpanel wasn't much
> better, I can't get perlpanel to run, f*cking small panel doesn't
> support transparency, and I am *not* going to run kicker. So I thought
> I'd try gnome-panel to see if it would work better, but-- as mentioned--
> gnome-panel is one of those GNOME apps that works a whole lot better
> under GNOME than not. So that's how I wound up here.
I have had problems with pypanel also. I ran it for quite some time ok,
but then i started having it coredump on me. I tried stable and
experimental (in gentoo's portage) and both did it. Currently i am using
fbpanel just fine. Not really concerned with transparency that much.

> But it's good to hear that about gnome-session; I'd be ok with running
> just that and the panel under pure OB, now that I have some assurance
> that that constitutes a sufficient GNOME backend for most GNOME apps.

Try xfce4-panel. It fires up some kind of session handling also. All
your gtk apps will look the same. I dont know about transparency for it
though other than if you use the composite extension for X. Plus you get
the added benefit of something that you can configure a few buttons for.

Also if you are looking for something just to handle tray icons like
gaim, amarok and such, check out trayer that comes with fvwm-crystal. If
you run gentoo it is in portage as just "trayer". It is a transparent
systray only based on some of fbpanels code. I know it worked pretty
good when i was playing with fvwm-crystal. 

Richard Witt
They are smoking crack. -- Linus Torvalds, referring to the SCO Group's
claim that Linux contains a million lines of code from unix.
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