[openbox] OB very slow to open over GNOME

Holly Bostick motub at planet.nl
Wed Jun 15 18:24:09 EDT 2005

LostSon schreef:
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> LostSon wrote:
>>Benedict Brown wrote:
>>>>On Wed, 15 Jun 2005, LostSon wrote:
>>>>>I too have messed with gnome 2.10 using openbox as the wm and switching
>>>>>between having nautilus draw
>>>>>the desktop and not drawing the desktop. Loading times are pathetically
>>>>>slow and for some off reason the panel
>>>>>loads even slower and there is always an initial delay in the panel
>>>>>actually working. For instance if i click on
>>>>>the applications or locations menu in the panel it takes 5-10 seconds
>>>>>before it actually comes up.
>>>>>As far as the splash screen i just turn it off no reason to have it on.
>>>>>After messing with for a week or two i
>>>>>jsut went back to using openbox only, by far IMO the best way for me.
>>>>>Gnome is just too picky and i really
>>>>>dont need all the goofy stuff it comes with. Sorry i couldnt be of more
>>>>>help, just wanted to weigh in with
>>>>>my expereince with this.
>>>>My turn.  I've been using openbox with gnome for quite a long time, and
>>>>I upgraded one of my systems to 2.10 a few days ago.  I have indeed had
>>>>lots of problems with gnome's splash screen, but that's turned off.  And
>>>>I don't use nautilus (use gconf-editor to get it not to draw the
>>>>desktop). Without nautilus, gnome loads quite quickly.
>>Just out of curiousity why are we trying to use Gnome with openbox as
>>the WM and then turning off Nautilus
>>as well. ??
>>Public Key
> Whoops i didnt quite phrase this right at all. My main ideas was is why
> run gnome at all why not jsut use
> openbox by itself. For instance i use openbox by itself with pypanel and
> thats about it.
> - --
> LostSon

Well, in my case, that's what I just switched from doing, and what I
would say I "normally" do (if anyone cared to ask). What's different
about this system (new Gentoo install after I broke my last one) is that
I'm using the tray a *lot*. Tray applets (mail notification or gnubiff,
kwikdisk), apps that minimize to tray (azureus sometimes, krusader) and
I've been experimenting with alltray for everything else. Pypanel is not
handling this well at all. Maybe it's that pypanel's tray implementation
is not robust, maybe it's a bug; I can't tell. fbpanel wasn't much
better, I can't get perlpanel to run, f*cking small panel doesn't
support transparency, and I am *not* going to run kicker. So I thought
I'd try gnome-panel to see if it would work better, but-- as mentioned--
gnome-panel is one of those GNOME apps that works a whole lot better
under GNOME than not. So that's how I wound up here.

But it's good to hear that about gnome-session; I'd be ok with running
just that and the panel under pure OB, now that I have some assurance
that that constitutes a sufficient GNOME backend for most GNOME apps.


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