[openbox] OB very slow to open over GNOME

LostSon lostson at lostsonsvault.org
Wed Jun 15 16:54:02 EDT 2005

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Benedict Brown wrote:
> On Wed, 15 Jun 2005, LostSon wrote:
>> I too have messed with gnome 2.10 using openbox as the wm and switching
>> between having nautilus draw
>> the desktop and not drawing the desktop. Loading times are pathetically
>> slow and for some off reason the panel
>> loads even slower and there is always an initial delay in the panel
>> actually working. For instance if i click on
>> the applications or locations menu in the panel it takes 5-10 seconds
>> before it actually comes up.
>> As far as the splash screen i just turn it off no reason to have it on.
>> After messing with for a week or two i
>> jsut went back to using openbox only, by far IMO the best way for me.
>> Gnome is just too picky and i really
>> dont need all the goofy stuff it comes with. Sorry i couldnt be of more
>> help, just wanted to weigh in with
>> my expereince with this.
> My turn.  I've been using openbox with gnome for quite a long time, and
> I upgraded one of my systems to 2.10 a few days ago.  I have indeed had
> lots of problems with gnome's splash screen, but that's turned off.  And
> I don't use nautilus (use gconf-editor to get it not to draw the
> desktop). Without nautilus, gnome loads quite quickly.
> Benedict
Just out of curiousity why are we trying to use Gnome with openbox as
the WM and then turning off Nautilus
as well. ??

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