Pipe menus and their restrictions

Marcin Cylke szyderca at gmail.com
Thu Sep 30 10:17:09 EDT 2004

I've written a small app that uses the feature of pipe menus from
openbox. I display menus sequentially. Each of them is a pipe menu.
So, let's assume I have a root menu, then there is my normal submenu,
then I run my script as a pipe menu, and then again, and again, and

It looks like this:
root -> submenu -> pipe_menu1 -> pipe_menu2 -> pipe_menu3 -> pipe_menu4 ...etc 

The number of menus is not stated, and actually should not be very
importatn. Unfortunatelly I get a strange effect, because only such
sequcene works as it should be:
root->submenu -> pipe_menu1 -> pipe_menu2

After the last one, there are still new menus, but they are no longer
generated with the scipt I wrote. They are just copies of the last
generated pipe_menu2

What is wrong with this? Is it a bug, or natural behavior (would be
stupid to me).

And about something else now -- are there any plans of developing the
existing menu? It would be very nice to be able to place icons in menu
or to mark some text bold or italic. Maybe there are some unofficial

 "Tylko jedna istota zdołałaby przybrać taki wyraz twarzy jak oni:
 gołąb, który usłyszał, że Lord Nelson zszedł ze swojej kolumny i
 widziano go jak kupował strzelbę kaliber dwanaście i paczkę naboi"

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