[openbox] gnome-config and xft

Miguel Bazdresch ob-01 at thewizardstower.org
Tue Sep 28 14:21:25 EDT 2004

* Mark Gjøl <cyrax at b0rken.dk> [2004-09-28 18:12]:
> And that leads me to the 2nd question: Where on earth do I download 
> xft?? I've installed Fontconfig, but that doesn't give me an xft.pc file.
> This is on Solaris btw. I love openbox on my PCs!

Forgot this in my last email. xft is part of X11, both X11Free and
X.org, and probably other implementations.

I don't know if xft is available on solaris and/or your X server. One
thing you can try doing is find an openbox configure flag to disable
antialiased fonts (that's what xft does), but then openbox won't use AA

Miguel Bazdresch

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