Xcompmgr works for me

eminem Stan greatrambo at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 22 06:11:39 EDT 2004

I have been following the discussions and while I can confirm how openbox 
acts when xcompgr is started, I think it relates to the way xcompmgr works 
is not the least bit a fault of openbox's.

What I want to say is when xcompgr creates another screen, does compositing 
off-screen and then draws to that screen. Of course all of the apps you 
already started had been mapped to the old screen and dissappear when you 
switch to the new one.

I have read something of the sort and vaguely remember it. However as proof 
that this is the case, I start xcompmgr with my autotstart apps right after 
openbox. ( I use ROX-Session you can use anything else ). This way openbox 
starts mapping to the new screen, and all your windows will appear and you 
will have all the effects you like.

I hope this helps.

On a side-note one of my friends and I have some code patch that fix the way 
openbox deals with arabic UTF-8 letters, adding bidi and shaping/joining. It 
uses only glib and fribidi and is optional so it won't bloat code for those 
who don't need it. Tell me if you are interested.

thanks for a wonderful window manager.

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