[openbox] OB: composite?

Eric Shattow shadow at serverart.org
Wed Sep 22 02:22:29 EDT 2004

John Russell wrote:

>>Next time you think about bitching, ... and then submit some patches.
>I did, they never made it in (used to be drjimmy42 at yahoo.com). Ho hum.
>Any news on that?
So... while we're at it girls, I thought I'd casually mention I too have 
seen and can confirm the strange behavior of "everything disappears off 
my screen when i run xcompmgr."   i try to kill xcompmgr and *again* 
everything disappears.   it never comes back onto my screen (from point 
A to point B i am using the OB3 root menu to start xterms).

Can't explain it, and there's no error.

As per the elitest blah blah I will bite , you know...    I have lots of 
respect for Mikael, and the rest of you should take into consideration 
that this is a *minimalist* WM, which is why we use it.   David makes a 
strong point for consideration of composite support being within the 
scope of OpenBox3;    "minimalist" is a definition that should scale 
with the technology we have access to.   otherwise we'd all be using 
foot pedal sewing machines and stuff.  nothing wrong with them, but you 
should consider some inefficiencies in the existing bone-scraping 
minimalism (and i'm not suggesting we go with a sewing machine that is 
fully macro programmed and can stitch red threaded hearts around an 
authentic Mikael monogram).  X11 as seen in David's videos, looks like a 
pile of poo with regard to window redraws for a move operation.  Is 
minimalist the point of view that says "we like it to look like this, 
it's.. retro"  or do we say "okay, let's simply allow that to be fixed" 
.. ?   people suggest ideas on this list, even good ones, and the 
immediate response is "hey stranger, do it yourself, then maybe we will 
talk to you."    I personally am not going to say one way or the other 
about what you all should do in this regard;  I am not your mommy.  I 
will however make an observation that this WILL DRIVE AWAY PEOPLE WHO 
WRITE CODE just the same as driving away the non-contributors.  some 
think that writing the code for themselves is good enough.  others wish 
to write code and be accepted as part of a project.   the former tend to 
be "elitest" and the latter ..  i don't know but they seek approval and 
not this catfight i see ten levels deep on a OB mailing list thread.

I myself do not write much code, so I guess it's like I'm not really 
talking to you at all.

cheers   - Eric

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