[openbox] OB: composite?

Peter Chiocchetti dub at lazy.shacknet.nu
Sat Sep 18 07:36:34 EDT 2004

hello david,

1) your video shows off the redraw strategy of mozilla - its
way to handle expose events - xterm eg. does differently.
2) your video shows, how the compmgr improves on that?
3) did I see any Win-vs-Lin in the video?

the delay in repaint I can only notice, when the machine is
extremely busy (fast machine with a fast windowmanager :)

from my understanding of the openbox motto: its good to have
two separate processes do two separate things.

I do care about shadowing, transparency etc. and by the time,
debian ships an xserver with composite extension, I was happy
if the ob3-xcomp combo worked as flawless as ob3 now - that
day may see a long due change in wm-theme! (running a
customized greenz now)



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