[openbox] attached patch to change behavior of DesktopLast

Aaron Klingaman aaron at limitedslip.net
Sun Nov 21 14:26:52 EST 2004

On Sunday 21 November 2004 14:10, Marc Wilson wrote:
> *I* think it's terribly annoying, as I like the normal behavior of
> DesktopLast, where it continually toggles between two desktops.  

Did you try the patch? It also toggles between two desktops but gives you the 
ability to select any 2 different desktops that aren't next to each other (my 
main use)

> I can't 
> think of a reason why I'd ever want it to go sliding off towards other
> desktops... that's what other keybindings are for.

Maybe I just got used to being able to more flexibly jump between desktops in 

> If you want this, why not add a new action?

Sure, that could be done without any problem, I just figured DesktopLast would 
be appropriate, and couldn't think of a new name for the new action. 
DesktopLast and DesktopPrevious are already a bit confusing.


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