attached patch to change behavior of DesktopLast

Aaron Klingaman aaron at
Sun Nov 21 13:31:30 EST 2004

I've attached a patch that applies cleanly to OB 3.2, that changes the 
behavior of DesktopLast. If everyone thinks it is worthy, I would like to see 
it incorporated into the next OB release.

Rather than just going to the last (ie previous) desktop, it now:
- on first action, if the last desktop is the same as the current, goes east
- on first action, if the last desktop is not the same as the current, 
switches to that desktop
- on subsequent actions (like with a modifier held down and hitting tab), go 
east from current desktop
- sets the last desktop remembered to the one started to before cycling.

So, what this means really, is that you can use DesktopLast to cycle east to a 
new desktop, then whenever you use the action again, it cycles between that 
new desktop and the one you _started_ at first, then resumes normal behavior. 
This is behavior I've seen in other window managers, includig KDE.

I'm anxious to know what everyone thinks about this.

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