[openbox] Trouble with dock in X 4.4

brian . rumpole at frys.com
Sun Mar 28 23:55:01 EST 2004

Miguel Bazdresch wrote:

>I'm unsure my problem is related to openbox. I just wanted to bring it
>up here in case someone can throw some light into it.
>This morning I upgraded to X 4.4 and GTK 2.4. Everything works fine
>except the dock in openbox.
>Normally I have three apps in the dock: gkrellm, a tiny swallowed aterm,
>and rox-pager. The dock is set to bottom-left. Without touching my
>.xinitrc this is what happens now:
>- gkrellm gets loaded to the bottom top of the screen. It has window
>  decorations (it shouldn't). Windows maximize over it (in the abscence
>  of other dock apps, meaning it's not in the dock really.
>- the other two dockapps correctly load into the bottom left of the
>  screen and windows don't maximize over them. So the problem seems
>  so far limited to gkrellm.
>I've recompiled all these apps against the new libraries. I'm trying to
>test with other WM without luck so far: blackbox doesn't compile with my
>installed compilers, will probably try fluxbox next. I've latest stable
>versions of all of them (no cvs).
Checking the obvious....you are using -w with gkrellm.

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