Trouble with dock in X 4.4

Miguel Bazdresch ob-01 at
Sun Mar 28 18:59:59 EST 2004


I'm unsure my problem is related to openbox. I just wanted to bring it
up here in case someone can throw some light into it.

This morning I upgraded to X 4.4 and GTK 2.4. Everything works fine
except the dock in openbox.

Normally I have three apps in the dock: gkrellm, a tiny swallowed aterm,
and rox-pager. The dock is set to bottom-left. Without touching my
.xinitrc this is what happens now:

- gkrellm gets loaded to the bottom top of the screen. It has window
  decorations (it shouldn't). Windows maximize over it (in the abscence
  of other dock apps, meaning it's not in the dock really.

- the other two dockapps correctly load into the bottom left of the
  screen and windows don't maximize over them. So the problem seems
  so far limited to gkrellm.

I've recompiled all these apps against the new libraries. I'm trying to
test with other WM without luck so far: blackbox doesn't compile with my
installed compilers, will probably try fluxbox next. I've latest stable
versions of all of them (no cvs).

Miguel Bazdresch

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