[openbox] PATCH: 1134 better xinerama support

John Russell drjimmy42 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 16 15:58:21 EST 2004

> I just tried it out and I like it alot. Good job! 
Thanks. Glad you like it.

> hmm, the edge patch doesn't apply cleanly to cvs after this one is  
> applied..

OOo, Didn't actually try that one.  This is why I'm asking about CVS. 
I'm starting to get confused with the state of my tree.  I actually had
to take out other changes I've made (including the edge one) from this
patch file.  Maybe I should just post a single xinerama patch with both
sets of changes in them.  I'll post it on the "better xinerama support"
bug and mention the other one. 


> Regards,
> -Kacper

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