Openbox FAQs

Eric Shattow shadow at
Mon Jan 19 10:58:22 EST 2004

People use OpenBox3 to do different things. You can run it with or 
without a "desktop"  (kde/gnome/xfce/etc.) and a number of themes or 
behaviors.  I think that a proper FAQ can and should be accompanied by 
example xml configuration files, and screenshots. Examples will explain 
what a person did, the goal they were trying to achieve, and how they do it.

...but who has _time_ for that?  

How about throwing "openbox at" up on the website for 
non-development questions?

I wouldn't mind answering a few, however this mailing list is neither 
the appropriate place to ask nor answer them. The IRC channel is similar 
to this list.

Jabber conferences are inline with the XML-to-be-trendy theme, and are 
easily accessible.

Thoughts, comments?     I'll be in the conference.

     - Eric

FAQ # 19:

Q:  It is widely rumored and accepted that developers working on OB are 
cranky, heartless, evil overlords with a penchant for crushing all 
"useful" features a "modern" windowmanager should obviously have. Is 
this true?

A:  Your question is not in the standard 'diff -u' format. Fix it and 
try again.

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