[openbox] focus behavior slow?

Nagy Mate k-zed at hactar.net
Sun Jan 11 15:00:50 EST 2004

> i've never seen any of my machines (ranging from 75MHz to 1.6GHz) do
> this.  Now, with the 75MHz thinkpad, which had 8MB RAM, i could move the
> mouse all over the place, and the cursor wouldn't move for about 5-10
> seconds while the machine was swapping ;) (running XFree 4.3 w/ bb).
> do you hear your hard drive churning away the whole time? :)
 i actually did experience the same effect.. on a P4 2.4 w/ 512 MB RAM.
swapping unlikely. the cursor does actually move around (and smoothly),
it's the focus that fails to follow it.

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