[openbox] How To Skip Windows in NextWindow/OT Term Emulator Question

Mike logan at dct.com
Fri Oct 31 19:12:22 EST 2003

On Friday, October 31, 2003 at 03:48PM, Adam Kessel wrote:
>Hi All:
>I'm new to OpenBox as of the last hour; having been using Blackbox for
>several years.
>I'm wondering how to skip windows in the NextWindow/PreviousWindow
>(typically alt-tab) list.  In particular, I'd like to skip the pager when
>cycling through windows (right now I'm using rox pager).
>I'm using OpenBox 3.0 RC4, with Debian Unstable.


Any application with _NET_WM_STATE_SKIP_TASKBAR set should not be shown in the alt+tab focus cycle popup thinger.

It's up to the application to set such a hint. There's no openbox option to have certain instances/classes be hidden from the focus cycle popup. gkrellm has skip taskbar as an option, rox pager may be the same way.


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