[openbox] Slow menu drawing

t3xplri02 at sneakemail.com t3xplri02 at sneakemail.com
Thu Oct 30 08:34:26 EST 2003

On 10/30/03 11:56, Andy Holmes aholmes84-at-shaw.ca |openbox-dev| wrote:
> Adam Gent wrote:
>> Windows can be grouped by being snapped together (so that they touch, no
>> space in between). So once all the windows you want are snapped/glued
>> together you can move them as one. Or you could even move the whole group
> Interesting idea...but how do you propose to "unglue" a window once it 
> has been glued if dragging moves all attatched windows? I expect you've 
> come up with this idea with some inspiration from XMMS/Winamp but the 
> differnce there is that there is a 'Main' window.

Good idea, indeed.
What about a key modifier?
BTW, Window Maker also has a similar concept but without automatic 
snapping. There windows are moved together as long as they are "selected".


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