announce: ob3_wall, wallpaper selection pipe-menu app

Mike logan at
Sun Oct 19 17:16:35 EDT 2003


ob3_wall is an openbox3 pipe-menu app for wallpaper selection.

    <menu id="ob3_wall" label="Wallpaper" execute="ob3_wall" />

    command = qiv -z %s
    dir = /usr/share/wallpapers
    dir = /usr/local/share/wallpapers
    dir = ~/.local/share/wallpapers
    dir = ~/lib/backgrounds
    dir = ~/lib/wallpapers

The configured dirs are scanned and all of the files found are displayed in the menu. I thought about checking for some common image extentions, but figured most/all of the files in those dirs will just be images anyway.

qiv ( is used by default, but xloadimage or anything else could be used instead.

When a wallpaper is selected via the menu, a symlink (~/.config/openbox/wall) is created. If 'ob3_wall -' is called (say in ~/.xinitrc), it reads that symlink and sets the previously selected wallpaper.


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