executing programs from menu

Ryan Freeman ryan at slipgate.org
Fri Oct 17 20:46:30 EDT 2003

hmm, as i sat here executing moz-firebird, i was about to switch to
another workspace to check up on another app. however, i remembered that
if i did that, by the time moz-firebird opened (it takes a few seconds)
it would open on the other workspace while i was checking the other
application, thus making me have to move moz-firebird back to the
intended desktop manually. so instead i sat and waited for moz-firebird
to open before i switched. then i thought "hey, wouldn't it be cool if
openbox was able to remember the desktop you executed the program from
the menu on so if you executed it from the menu and switched desktops,
it would still show up on the desktop you originally executed on?" just
a thought...

- ryan

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