[openbox] openbox 3 moving maximised windows

poing poing at mdma.ath.cx
Fri Oct 17 10:16:54 EDT 2003

[ability to move maximised windows is missed from openbox 3]

On Fri, 17 Oct 2003, Ava Arachne Jarvis wrote:
> Not every other WM lets you do this.  And why would you want to move a
> maximized window offscreen when you have iconify, shading, and a way to
> cycle through windows?

I didn't say that every other WM does it, but many including openbox2
do, and I don't see why it shouldn't be possible. It just boils down to
personal preference, I want to be able to quickly drag a maximised window
off the edge of the screen and then drag it back later without having to
un-maximise and maybe resize first. The main characteristic of openbox 3
is extreme customisability, so I really don't understand why this
limitation of locking maximised windows was introduced.

If any developers are reading, could we at least have an option to
re-allow moving of maximised windows?


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