[openbox] openbox 3 comments/questions

poing poing at mdma.ath.cx
Fri Oct 17 04:17:01 EDT 2003

On Thu, 16 Oct 2003, Marc Wilson wrote:

> > -I don't like that NextWindow now shows an icon of the window you're
> > switching to and you then have to let go for it to switch focus. I much
> > preferred the instant focus changing like with openbox2. I think this
> > should be an option.
> Funny, it *is* a configurable option.  The documentation is your friend.
I figured out the <dialog>no</dialog> option, but it still only cycles
through window outlines and requires me to let go first.
It's the non-immediateness that annoys me, the icon/dialog can stay if
it goes away quickly. I much prefer alt-tab / ctrl-right immediately
changing focus to & raising the next window.

> > -Why can't you move fully maximised windows anymore like you could under
> > v2? Why make the user un-maximise before he can alt-drag or titlebar drag
> > the window..
> If it's fully maximized, where are you planning on moving it to?
I want to move it partly off screen while keeping its maximised size, like
openbox2 and other WMs let me.

> > -Can I have the Windows Key on its own trigger an action like show root
> > menu? Simply "W" doesn't seem to work..
> What does your X configuration *call* the Windows key?  I have plenty of
> bindings that use it.  You might have to go so far as to use the actual
> keycode.
The question was whether Modifier keys can be triggers on their own
without a function or other key. The rc.xml does state that the Windows
Key has a W alias, and e.g. W-1 defines a working Windows Key + 1
combination. I want to have the Windows key on its own with no other keys
being pressed do something, I guess this isn't currently possible.


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