[openbox] Openbox 3 and struts

Marcelo Ramos mramos at montevideo.com.uy
Mon Oct 13 17:15:49 EDT 2003

El(On) 13/10/2003 (20:40:15), David Barr escribió(wrote):
> i don't recall the details, however i do remember this being mentioned 
> on the rox ml and i think rox panels are to blame, oh i dunno, maybe i 
> am wrong?

I talked with Thomas Leonard (ROX main developer and creator) on #rox (freenode)
this morning and I did some experiments increasing the struts value of the panel. 
Thomas said me that it is an Openbox problem since the panel is setting its
struts correctly but Openbox is ignoring them.

I want to know what the Openbox developers think about this issue.


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