[openbox] weird stuff

Ryan Freeman ryan at slipgate.org
Mon Oct 13 07:47:06 EDT 2003

On Mon, 13 Oct 2003 06:43:50 -0500
Richard Witt <rich at bowforiamroot.net> wrote:

> * Ryan Freeman <ryan at slipgate.org> [2003-10-13 06:41]:
> > oddly enough, i've had the exact same problem happen to me twice
> > now. exactly as you described, too. all my apps such as gkrellm and
> > gaim are still active and i usually have to go and kill stuff
> > remotely. i was thinking it was just a weird fluke but now that i've
> > read this post i'm starting to think otherwise...
> glad to know its not just me

speak of the devil, just after i had sent my reply, i checked my mail
(serveral times actually, just waiting for my own reply to echo back)
and it happened again. this time i just hit ctrl-alt-backspace and
after about 3 minutes of staring at my screen x finally quit. i hope we
can find a way to contain this problem. :)

- ryan

relax, turn around and take my hand

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