[openbox] weird stuff

Ryan Freeman ryan at slipgate.org
Mon Oct 13 07:40:04 EDT 2003

oddly enough, i've had the exact same problem happen to me twice now.
exactly as you described, too. all my apps such as gkrellm and gaim
are still active and i usually have to go and kill stuff remotely. i was
thinking it was just a weird fluke but now that i've read this post i'm
starting to think otherwise...

- ryan

On Mon, 13 Oct 2003 06:35:05 -0500
Richard Witt <rich at bowforiamroot.net> wrote:

> not sure if i should post this to the bugzilla or not. after rc3 i
> have had a weird problem. This happnes on both my work box and my home
> box. Both running gentooo, but compile openbox from the site and not
> from portage. Now for the problem:
> 	Every now and then i just lose the keyboard and the ability to
> click on a window with the mouse. the mouse will still move across the
> screen but it never changes how it looks. The mouse is the "I" looking
> shape like when you have your mouse over a terminal. I havent been
> able to specifically reporoduce this at any given point. Usually the
> programs running, the ones i almost always have running, are 2-4 rxvt
> and/or xterm windows, irssi in a rxvt term, licq with the dock option,
> gaim, gkrellm2, xmms, and either mozilla or mozillafirebird. At work
> add mozillathunderbird to this list. I can go to another box and ssh
> in and kill one of the apps like gaim/licq/mozilla* and i can
> temporarily get control back but just a minute or two later it does
> the same thing. Also any commands i sent via keyboard or mouse to the
> screen while it was being nonresponsive then take affect. Clicking on
> the x for one of the windows, if i have hit ctrl+alt+backspace or any
> other type command sent to X or the window manager, it takes affect as
> soon as i kill one of the apps.
> 	Its boggling me and i cant seem to "make" it happen. sometimes i
> can go all day and others just maybe a few hours or not even that long
> and it does it. I usually have to kill X or get out of it and then
> restart my X session for it to stop for any amount of time. At first i
> thought it had something to do with licq, but i stopped using it for a
> while and it continued to do this. When this happens, none of my
> programs themselves become unresponsive. my irssi window keeps
> scrolling and if someone is sending me messages in gaim it keeps going
> also. I am at a loss because i cant even get it to coredump and do a
> backtrace on it. Any suggestions? I am loving ob3 since i started
> using it in alpha stages, but if this continues i am goign to have to
> stop using it because its very unproductive :( . 
> Thanks for any help. 
> -- 
> Richard Witt
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