Help for an openbox2 user moving to openbox3

Roland Glenn McIntosh roland at
Wed Oct 1 16:46:06 EDT 2003

Hello.  I realize that openbox3 is a radical departure from openbox2.  I embrace this fact, and am willing to give up my trusty patched bbpager (which I made automatically match my openbox theme) for something new.

So what are most people doing for a desktop pager with openbox3?  How about a docker?  Is epist relevant anymore, now that keybindings are in the rc.xml file (and is there a tool to convert menus / bindings)?  Is there a de-facto desktop icon program most of you use?

My goals are small, simple, beautiful, and fast.  And if it didn't screw up my panel preferences when I started gnome (which is rare), that'd be a bonus.
Oh, note that when I shade a window in ob3, gnome-panel's desktop pager thingy doesn't seem to notice (maybe a bug).

Any suggestions you have for me would be appreciated.
Thank you.


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