[openbox] Dock Level?

Kacper Wysocki kacperw at online.no
Sun Nov 23 08:04:15 EST 2003

> > I really like my gkrellm dockapps.  And bbrun.  Would you elaborate
> on
> Gkrellm works just fine without being a "dock app" now by making
> itself a
> "dock type window". Its in the prefs for gkrellm2, and is more
> functional
> and preferable in aboute every way imaginable :)

I see what you mean about the slit/dock sucking, but maximising when  
gkrellm is set to "dock type window" will either
- hide gkrellm from view, thus making its constant system monitoring  
capabilities temporarily useless, or
- maximise some of the application under gkrellm, which annoyingly  
obscures a possibly essential part of the application.

Same thing with the Licq docker. There are some apps that one just  
cannot want to maximise over.

It's entirely possible that there's something I'm missing here, but  
that's how it behaves on my system. Feel free to smack upside the head  
if I'm wrong.


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