[openbox] Background

David Barr dpb at clara.co.uk
Sat Nov 22 04:29:17 EST 2003

Dhakela Z Nekudichny wrote:

>I saw an old mail about this problem with setting the background in
>openbox3 but the answer wasn't really an answer to the question. Isn't
>it kinda stupid to not even use the old rootCommand:
>function? How should people that only are using openbox be able to use a
>background without setting it manually?
>If anyone knows a way I'll be glad to be informed. 
Just because you don't like or understand something it doesn't make it 
stupid does it?

If you run a session manager (gnome-session) and (in gconf-editor) tell 
nautilus not to 'show_desktop' and uncheck 'add_to_session' (so 
basically kill nautilus) but for gnome to 'draw_background' for you, 
then voila a changable background, which you can set in the control 
center or, if you are still a luddite, setting a gconf key on the 
command line, isn't that nice? Doesn't it sound like a job a 
session-manger should do rather than the window-manager?

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