[openbox] Background

Matt O'Connor angagon at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 22 01:32:24 EST 2003

>  Exhibit 1: bgmenu.rb, a nifty little background selector using openbox's
>  pipe-menu feature.  Supports multiple background dirs, different
>  background modes etc.  http://tr.openmonkey.com/openbox.php

There is also an Exhibit 2: bg.sh, a little shell script that someone put on 
this list a while back.  It is probably simpler than bgmenu.rb, but it works.  
Also it allows you to specify a configuration file, so a `bg.sh load` in your 
.xinitrc loads the last background you set.  It also uses bsetbg, but could 
be easily modified to support other programs.  And once it's set up and 
working it does a great job.

Hope you find a good solution.


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