xmms and window switching

A. Melentyev nka at users.mns.ru
Thu Nov 20 15:24:08 EST 2003

Hi All!
A part of my rc.conf:
  <keybind key="A-Tab">
    <action name="PreviousWindow"/>
  <keybind key="C-Tab">
    <action name="NextWindow"/>
And when I try to switch windows with Ctrl+Tab or Alt+Tab I see the following: first time xmms main window border is highlighted, then xmms equalizer, then xmms playlist. It is boring... Is it possible to hide xmms equalizer and playlist from openbox window switcher?
Xmms is just a sample, maybe there is a more common way for any application, not only xmms?

Thanks for the answers

PS: excuse my english, it is not my native language

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