[openbox] composition manager

Tim Riley tr at slackzone.org
Thu Nov 20 08:22:21 EST 2003

El jue, 20-11-2003 a las 22:36, Peter Chiocchetti escribió:
> hello,
> recently, keith packard on freedesktop.org published some work on a
> compositing manager for X; I want to ask, how well openbox is prepared
> to get such a companion? I guess it will affect the window manager, as
> it swallows all the client windows.
> http://xserver.freedesktop.org/Software/TranslucentWindows

I'd imagine this would only affect openbox if someone added support for
openbox to use it.

Thanks for the heads up though, mate.  I for one am certainly glad that
openbox has guardians like you looking out for its future.

I salute you,


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