[openbox] sloppy focus?

Peter Chiocchetti pch at myzel.net
Sun Nov 16 15:53:20 EST 2003

>   Shifting focus with the eyes does not shift the focus of the window
>   manager. Shifting focus with my eyes to a window that is not focused
>   by the wm does not allow me to interact/type into the window in
>   question. Focus follows mouse should implicitly mean that, simply,
>   wherever the mouse goes, the focus goes - i.e., the mouse is your
>   eyes.

you are fully right: I did suggest the mouseFollowEyes config option,
though with the wrong wording perhaps.

>   Whether there is a delay before the window actualy _raises_ is up to
>   the user via a "raiseDelay" option. This is how focus follows mouse
>   works, and for many good reasons.
>   Am I alone here in this conviction?

For me, waiting is too little an interaction to raise a window. sheets
of paper on a desktop dont come to front by staring at them. but one can
write on those down in the stack, if at least part is visible. Thats
where openbox shines.

raiseDelay is just a workaround for a bug in ffm, preventing that all
the windows you move the mouse over permanently pop up; its the same
bug, that made Ben implement focusDelay :)


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