[openbox] Old Menus to the 3.0 syntax?

Bartosz Oudekerk bartosz at etv.cx
Sun Nov 16 05:02:52 EST 2003

AthlonRob said:
> Hmmm... maybe we're looking at different sites?

> The list I read listed OpenBox3, saying its menu type would work just
> fine, as soon as somebody wrote a driver, and oh by the way, active
> menus probably won't work.
I've reread it and you're right. I'm not sure how I could have read that
differently though. Oh, and the active-menu type is BS, since there's an
action for that, it just don't happens automagicaly, but I'm pretty sure
menumaker's OpenBox 3 driver should be able to call it, don't you think?

Bartosz Oudekerk
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      -- Jules de Gaultier

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