[openbox] How to avoid raising window when clicking?

Tim Riley tr at slackzone.org
Wed Nov 5 01:12:25 EST 2003

El mié, 05-11-2003 a las 16:06, Adam Kessel escribió:
> Is obconf under active development? The obconf page at icculus.org
> doesn't give a lot of information.
> Is there a particular reason it's written in C? 

It was written in C because C works.  It's a language in which Ben is
proficient and one which I can code too.

> It's likely there are
> more hackers out there (myself included) who would be willing/interested
> in adding configuration functionality to something in Python or Perl.
> Since all it's really doing is XML parsing and presenting a GTK
> interface, I would think it would be a perfect candidate for some
> scripting language.  But maybe I'm missing something?

No one has put his hand up.

- Tim

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