[openbox] hi

Matt O'Connor angagon at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 28 00:20:50 EDT 2003

>     hi, I'm totally new to openbox. Hi everybody. I wanted to give
> OpenBox a try today .. but it seems I would have to remove my current
> window manager first (blackbox) .. and I don't want to jump into
> anything like this without a parachute. I'd have a couple of questions:

You shouldn't have to uninstall Openbox at all.  All you should have to do is 
install Openbox and then edit your .xinitrc and change it from running 
Blackbox to running Openbox.  My .xinitrc currently looks like 

#startkde &
#gnome-session &
gnome-panel &
#kicker &
exec openbox3
#exec openbox

In other words I've been messing around with a bunch of window managers and 
what not.  Blackbox and Openbox should work the same.  Just comment out the 
Blackbox stuff and replace it with Openbox stuff.


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